i'm meghan

So as you may have noticed, I'm southern yall! I love people and I love sharing my grandma's recipes with every single one of you.  I love my people. Seriously, once you're in, you're in.  
I am obsessed with decorating my tiny house, margaritas, thrifting, a good book, and target. Most days you can find me snuggled up with my boo thang & our little tootie watching a movie or searching for a new local spot. My husband is currently serving in the NAVY, which means, there are always new places to explore. I’m a wife, mama to our sweet baby girl Willow & a daughter of GOD. 

oh my, you're here. i'm so happy you made it. go ahead and make yourself at home. we're all family here. 
i blame my southern upbringing

but let’s cut to the chase,
lemme tell you why i'm different

I’d rather be sippin' on margs with my fav peeps or snuggled up with my sweet baby girl Willow., than getting lost in crowds. I love fresh air and what better way than trying to squeeze as many plants as I can into our tiny. My husband would say its an unhealthy obsession. <<naw buddy. I'm FINE! I love a great new adventure & I am always on the lookout for local spots. My best friends would tell you I have a huge heart. with a firey personality. I LOVE building people up and watching them achieve their dreams.  I got yo' back!


If you love creating beautiful memories... I'm your girl. Say GOODBYE to basic, rigid poses and hello to fun, timeless and straight up magical moments. Let me break down who I am and why I am different from the rest... I didn't become a photographer to produce generic galleries. I love LOVE. I am obsessed with the way you look at your spouse and the genuine laughter that fills your belly. So how do I achieve this? building freakin' RELATIONSHIPS!! Once you book me, you're fam for life bro'... there ain't NO going back. That means sharing everything with me... how you met? where you met? what's your love languages? etc. This will help me capture all those sweet & tender moments that make your love so absolutely unique. 

“I’m the kind of person who will be in your corner 100%. My past clients (aka friends) tell me I was down to earth & made the experience fun & easy! I will be your hype girl for life.. Let's just say if your looking for more than just someone to takes some pics, I'm your girl.